A Nurturing, Secure and Stimulating Learning Environment that Promotes Happiness and a Strong Desire to Learn

Oasis Early Learning is focused on ensuring each child has the opportunity to explore and develop their own identity through play-based learning.

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Oasis Early Learning Rooms

Nursery/Toddler Room
We understand the importance of supporting your baby in the earliest stages of their life. We provide a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring environment that helps children to discover their world with a sense of wonder, curiosity and safety. Toddlers natural energy, inquisitiveness and thirst for exploration is embraced at this age group. We create a program that is based on children’s interests, ideas, strengths and stages of development to support and guide children’s learning together.
Kindergarten Room
Our Kindergarten program is focussed on preparing children’s readiness for school and developing their social-emotional understandings and skills which will support them through school and beyond. Our Educators focus on following children’s interests and teaching/learning through play to support children’s natural dispositions for curiosity and learning.
Outside School Hours Care
Our Outside School Hours Care program is designed and implemented by qualified, experienced and dedicated educators. We utilise a number of educational frameworks to provide a fun program that develops life skills whilst also focusing on each individual child’s interests and strengths.

Our Philosophy

Oasis Early Learning is focused on ensuring each child has the opportunity to explore and develop their own identity through play-based learning.

To realise the potential of all children, our service provides a nurturing, secure and stimulating learning environment, one that promotes happiness and a strong desire to learn. The primary aim is for children to increase their understanding of the world in which they live through development of broadly-based knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to take the prerequisite steps in preparation for lifelong learning.

Our passionate and qualified Educators design, implement and evaluate innovative and challenging programs that reflect the most contemporary early childhood theory and research that is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

We believe that working closely, and building partnerships with families is vital, so children feel like we are an extension of their family home.

We acknowledge family values and beliefs which welcomes diversity into our program. Our philosophy recognises that children mature at different rates and have preferred styles of learning. It also emphasises the importance of holistic learning with special attention paid to the establishment of an emotionally secure foundation to support each child’s developing sense of self and empathy for others. Relationships between children and children, children and educators and educators and families are nurtured, with the aim to establish a community of learners who embark on a mutually beneficial learning journey creating their sense of self within their world and community.

Our environments are carefully resourced with the inclusivity of loose parts play. We believe resources encourage many different maps of thinking processes with individual learning outcomes. We believe that children should explore a range of manufactured materials and exposure to “real life” resources to encourage independence and learning.

Our curriculum supports a holistic approach with highly skilled Educators to scaffold the children’s interests fostering the uniqueness of their learning outcomes. This allows for interpretation and skilled knowledge about their current interests. The role of our Educators is to support learning; offer encouragement and materials; and to provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment that encourages children to develop cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally as well as enhancing their communication and language skills. To do this they will foster effective interpersonal and communicative links with families and colleagues and caring, supportive relationships with each child within their care.

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Our Management

Oasis Early Learning is managed by Leading Edge Childcare Solutions. Leading Edge Childcare Solutions manage centres located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. With a team of experienced industry professionals, they provide a variety of management and training services for childcare centres and their educators.

With over 15 years experience, 30 childcare centres managed and 500 staff trained, they have the know how, passion and commitment, to ensure children who attend our centres have the best possible learning and developmental experience.

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