Fee Information

Child Care Subsidy Eligibility & Fee Information

At Oasis Early Learning we are registered and approved for the Government childcare subsidy. This is  taken off your fees – essentially reducing your out of pocket payments. There are some  requirements set out by the Federal Government around your eligibility for the childcare subsidy.

These include:
• Child must be 13 or under and not attending secondary school
• The child meets all immunisation requirements
• The individual, and/or their partner, meets the residency requirements

How does the Childcare Subsidy work?

There are factors that determine a families level of CCS. These are an income test and a work/study activity test. Visit the Department of Education to determine what you are entitled to https://www.education.gov.au/child-care-subsidy-1

1. Family Income

The percentage of subsidy a family is entitled to is based on their combined annual income, with financial support available to lower income families.

2. Activity Test

The number of hours of subsidised fees families are eligible for are determined by a three-step activity test. In two parent families both parents, unless exempt, must meet the activity test. In the case where both parents meet different steps of the activity test, the parent with the lowest entitlement determines the hours of subsidised care.

Low income families with a combined annual income of $69,390 or less who do not meet and are not exempt from the activity test are entitled to 24 hours of subsidised care per fortnight under the Child Care Safety Net.

No Jab, No Pay – Childcare

Your child must meet immunisation requirements to get Child Care Subsidy or Additional Child Care Subsidy. Under the No Jab, No Pay legislation, parents who do not fully immunise their children are not  eligible for Childcare Subsidy payments, with exemptions for children with medical conditions or on a recognised catch-up schedule. More information about the No Jab No Pay measure is available at https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/no-jab-no-pay-fsheet.pdf

If your family is eligible for the childcare subsidy then you need to apply through Centrelink. This money will be deducted from your fees and you will only need to pay the ‘gap’ amount.

Please contact our Centre Director if you have any fee queries and we can discuss your individual circumstances with you and provide a fee estimate based on your information.