Miss Lina

Toddler Lead Educator

I started my career in early childhood in 2005 as a trainee and gradually worked my way up to a room leader.

As an educator, I aim to provide an inclusive environment for all children to make them feel safe, secure and confident. My aim is to support and encourage all children to build on their skills and strengths through engaging them in fun and play based activities that are based on their interests.

I believe to provide opportunities for children to build on their curiosity, creativity, imaginations and their exploration skills to extend their knowledge and learning. I value my relationship with children because it makes them feel valued and appreciated.

One on one positive interactions can build on educators and children’s relationship. Children have human rights and their rights should be respected and I always value their perspectives and voices in decision making. Through involving children in decision making can develop their self-steam and wellbeing. Good wellbeing and self-steam can encourage children to be successful in their life. My aim is to build strong relationship with parents in our centre in order to make them feel comfortable in sharing information about their child. Open and positive communications can help educators and parents to build a positive relationship and to work according to the child’s interest.
I believe in respecting cultural diversity, as an educator I will encourage children to participate in cultural diversity programs to enable them understand differences and to develop their awareness. Through this I can create an environment that children can feel the sense of belonging, being and becoming.

Lina - headshot