Miss Lillian

Assistant Educator

I have 10 years hands on experience in Early childhood and 5years experience as a room leader.

Early Childhood Education has always been an interesting and important field of study and work in my life. I believe that the foundation of learning and interaction that a child receives at a young age greatly impacts their behaviours and learning in the future.

I believe that a child should be taught with love and understanding. Children should be valued and treated with respect. I feel that it is vitally important to have an educated, knowledgeable educator in order to have quality care. Children should be understood and guided according to researched information of children and their developments. I acknowledge that all the children are unique individuals with their own needs, interests and strengths. All the children have equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture and background. I also believe that children’s voices are the most important part of our programs.

Children learn through play and as an educator I will support their development by providing experiences that are meaningful to the children and most importantly reflect on their interests. I always support the children with their needs and use my passion and professionalism to make parents feel good about dropping their children off every morning knowing that their child is going to have an exciting day full of new knowledge.